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Download of the Program ExOPaMo

The program was written to verify the standardize activities of the ProSTEP iViP Project Group ECAD/MCAD Collaboration for the domain „standardize library components for the ECAD MCAD Collaboration“.

Illustration of a PCB library part

  1. as 3D MCAD Part [Parameter imported from ExOPaMo]
  2. as 3D MCAD Part + 3D Wireframe Model [ExOPaMo output]
  3. as 3D Wireframe Model [ExOPaMo output]
  4. as 2D Projection of the Wireframe Model [ExOPaMo output]
  5. as ECAD Library Component [imported from ExOPaMo]

Animation from-3d-to-ecad-and-back.gif

The program can be used on all (?!) Microsoft Windows operating systems.
(tested on Windows XP, Windows7 and Windows10)

The program ExOPaMO is written in the as TCL/TK scipt. That means, it requires the installation of the interpreter wish. This interpreter exists for all operating systems

TCL/TK was created by SUN Microsystems. The source code and also the compiled version of the interpreters wish and tclsh can be downloaded as freeware from

To start the programm ExOPaMo together with the TCL/TK interpreter wish you have to unzip both ZIP files to the same directory. (The directory structure has to be taken over from the ZIP files). After unzipping both files you can start the program using the batch file ExOPaMo.bat by double clicking the batch file in the Explorer.

This batch file is not registered for Windows8. It may be, that you have to open the batch file with a text editor and save it before the security checks of Windows8 allows you to run the batch file.

The fastest way to create a library figure


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